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Vortech Superchargers


 320px 2010 mustang underhood satin 2 IMG 23162010 Complete System - Included Components and Features

  • Flywheel horsepower/torque:
    Stock (factory rating): 315/325
    Supercharged (estimate based on % increase @ wheels): 492/432
  • V-3 Si-trim compressor with 3.60" drive pulley
  • Manifold boost pressure: 10-11 psig @ redline on stock engine
  • Supplied Diablosport Predator programmer re-flashes the ECM with a safe, custom Vortech calibration for 91-octane fuel. Other benefits include:
    • Live data monitoring and diagnostics
    • Logging capability
    • Reading and resetting DTC's
  • Fuel system upgrade includes:
    • High flow replacement fuel injectors
    • 255 lph "in-tank" fuel pump with harness. Used in conjunction with the OEM in-tank pump to provide a dual-pump configuration.
  • Air inlet assembly includes:
    • Roto-molded ducts
    • Silicone sleeves
    • Stainless steel clamps
    • 98 mm MAF meter housing with filter
    • Diablosport MAF interface adapter for extended meter range
    • Air filter and shield

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Inter-Cooler Spray Bar Kit

medium16034NOSINTERCOOLER SPRAY BAR FEATURES: New snake design delivers 20% greater intercooler coverage area for improved cooling. Decreases intake air temperatures by 20º and allows you to safely run more boost for more power. Cut to length design for use with all intercoolers unlike competitive halo units. Kit includes 5LB NOS Bottle & all necessary hardware for easy installation

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Sneeky Pete Hidden Nitrous System

medium05029NOSThe Sneeky Pete was designed as a true "Cheater Kit". This kit will enable you to obtain that extra tenth of a second without being obvious. It will be necessary to jet the Carburetors a little richer(over and above what is normal, since you will have to compensate for the nitrous from the Sneeky Pete) while being "sneeky" since no additional fuel source is utilized. The kit comes complete with a compact, easy to conceal 10oz. bottle, nitrous solenoid, nylon nitrous line, wiring, 9v battery holder and an assortment of jets.

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Medium Bottle Kit


mediumbottleKitIn the past, if you have purchased a no Bottle kit or a plumbing kit, it was difficult to make sure you get all the other needed parts such as the bottle. Inevitably no matter how hard you have tried, something is forgotten like the Bottle nut or the Teflon® Bottle nut washer. NOS has made this task easy by introducing Bottle kits. The new NOS Bottle kits are available with 10 or 15lb bottles in Hi–Flow or Super Hi–Flow valve configurations or in a 12.8lb carbon fiber Bottle kit. The NOS Bottle kits come complete with the bottle, Bottle nut and Teflon® washer, Bottle brackets and 16ft of –6AN feed line.

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