Welcome to PJ Car-Tunes and Performance.

Located in Corbin Kentucky, on Roy Kidd Avenue, PJ Car-Tunes & Performance is an Authorized Memphis Car Audio dealer with professional installation and service. PJ Car-Tunes and Performance is under new ownership and management.

If you're looking for an Alarm System with Keyless Entry and Remote Start to heat your car up this winter or cool it down in the summer, PJ Car-Tunes and Performance can help find the perfect system for your car, truck or SUV, and install the system to help protect your investment.

Anyone can slap a NOS system on a car or truck, however, PJ Car-Tunes and Performance takes the time to research the best option for your engine to maximize performance and horsepower. From Sneeky Pete NOS systems to customized turbocharger systems, let PJ Car-Tunes and Performance help you get the most out of your ride.

Our Audio Experts, can custom built sub enclosures to fit your vehicle, no matter what vehicle it is. Our Memphis Audio amps and subs can add "just enough" thump, or can hit hard enough to feel like an earthquake. We're an authorized Memphis Audio and American Bass dealer and certified installer. Don't let someone hack your car's wiring to pieces to install a head unit, bring it to PJ Car-Tunes and Performance for a professional Award Winning installation.

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